i heart you


So every few days, or whenever I want, I guess, 'cause this is my little piece of internet, I'm going to do a HOTNESS posting. This will basically feature some of my favorite online finds from my horrible, horrible browsing addiction.

I used to be really bad at letting myself wander off into design-site land, but now I'm allotting a little bit of time every morning after I get a gigantic coffee & take my bro to the bus stop. That way I have a little fix in the a.m. and then can get on with my life/work later on. Now I guess I have to make a little blog time, too.

TODAY I started to wander through some past bookmarks, just to get a second look at a few things I've recently found interesting. Ill Studio is a French group with some quietly gorgeous work. I've been having a looksee around their website, which actually pisses me off a bit, since it's one of those super-long horizontal scroll set-ups, but I was in the mood to get lost in the work, so I was OK with it today. Especially nice are the Audible Visions CD packaging and fold-out (no. 01 on the 'works' page) and the Magazine no. 47 (09). I'm always into some thoughtful lo-fi (when it's good), so go you, Ill. They seem to be just as into triangles right now as I am, too.



I've been meaning to get back into blogging a while ago, but I guess it takes being unemployed and living at home again to get your ass in gear sometimes. It's just not enough anymore to ferociously tag everything on delicious (although I'm sure I'll refer to my list many, many times.)

The thing I come away with a lot after perusing designer's sites is that I often learn more about them from their blogs/flickrs/etc. than I do their proper portfolio sites. There's something alluring about process work, candid writing, the occasional curse word, and the subsequent publication of all of these. That being said...I'll let you know when my portfolio site is up. For now, enjoy MANIFEST BLOGSPOT.

lurve, shayshay