So every few days, or whenever I want, I guess, 'cause this is my little piece of internet, I'm going to do a HOTNESS posting. This will basically feature some of my favorite online finds from my horrible, horrible browsing addiction.

I used to be really bad at letting myself wander off into design-site land, but now I'm allotting a little bit of time every morning after I get a gigantic coffee & take my bro to the bus stop. That way I have a little fix in the a.m. and then can get on with my life/work later on. Now I guess I have to make a little blog time, too.

TODAY I started to wander through some past bookmarks, just to get a second look at a few things I've recently found interesting. Ill Studio is a French group with some quietly gorgeous work. I've been having a looksee around their website, which actually pisses me off a bit, since it's one of those super-long horizontal scroll set-ups, but I was in the mood to get lost in the work, so I was OK with it today. Especially nice are the Audible Visions CD packaging and fold-out (no. 01 on the 'works' page) and the Magazine no. 47 (09). I'm always into some thoughtful lo-fi (when it's good), so go you, Ill. They seem to be just as into triangles right now as I am, too.

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